Brief History of Lake of the Ozarks

Lake 3.jpgThe early history of Lake of the Ozarks takes us back to Lewis and Clark who could not have forecasted this huge lake and power generating dam to be built in the Ozark hills.

Lewis wrote of the beauty of the Ozark hills, the plentiful wildlife, the numerous natural caves and friendly Osage Indians. This news from their exploration, lead to the early pioneers and traders, who hunted and traded with the Indians. Westward expansion, civil war and railroads also initiated the commerce for the area, but the Ozark hills changed for ever in August of 1929 when Union Electric started construction of Lake of the Ozarks. 4,600 labor workers found jobs on this project during the great depression. 30,000 acres of timber was cleared, a railroad was constructed to haul in the generator turbines and other materials for the massive dam project. This would be the largest man made dam for its time. Several small towns were relocated and evacuated. Then the Osage River was impounded in February 1931 and the lake filled with 646 billion gallons of water. Lake of the Ozarks sprawls over 92 square miles and has 1100 + miles of shore line. The dam generates 216,000 kilowatts of power and provides electricity to a large section of the state.

If Lewis and Clark had just waited several hundred years they could have traveled 100 miles via cruiser instead of foot and canoe! Discover the Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate and all that it offers.

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Gary Markus, PC
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